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There's actually email since my site has opened up, feel free to email me with your opinion of my site right now and add to my collection. When I get a email I'll put it down right away. So give me your opinion.

Subj: (no subject)
Date: 98-10-18 14:25:55 EDT
From: Aimeem8
To: Skdivgrl07

Hey.My name is Aimee.I live in Puerto Rico, about an hour an a half from were Javy lives.He is so darn fine.I love him with all my heart.I like yout page and the pictures.Write back

Thanks for liking my site. It helps to know there are people who appreciate Javy.. I hope some day I'll be able to visit Ponce, Puerto Rico too. Thanks!

Subj: Javy Lopez page
Date: 99-01-16 21:50:15 EST
From: (Shelley A Greenberg)

Love your page! Javy is so, wait a sec, there's nothing cute about that man. He's drop-dead gorgeous!

Got a fleeting glimpse of Javy close up when he arrived at Oriole Park before one of the Braves/Orioles games last June. That was the first time I'd ever gotten a good look at him. I've looked many times since then.

By the way, I gotta admit that I did click on the "...Piazza's better..." link (AFTER I checked out "...get in" of course), just to see what it sez. It's hilarious...I love it............

Keep up the great work!

Thanks. I'm glad you liked it too. Lots of people have admitted to looking at the Piazza thing. I just put it up because I knew I would look at it too for the fun of it. Wow! I'm glad you got a look at him because it's hard to get a good look at him and other players. Thanks alot.

Subj: Javy!
Date: 99-02-10 00:27:53 EST
From: (sharon)

Please put me on your mailing list for Javy info. and updates. I love the man! Sharon

Sure.. we all love Javy! It's a known fact!

Subj: Love your page
Date: 99-03-21 14:55:41 EST
From: ShayMaLupe
To: Skdivgrl07

I love It. And Im like Jealous major that u got up close enought to be able to see him and that he waved. Well I love the Page and Javy and on the pic page Javysuit.jpg man he gorgeous in that pic I love it

I love that momment too. I wish I could go do it again. It would be awesome. I just wish I could meet him in real life. Feel free to take any of the pics I have. Thanks.

Subject: i need a javy jersey?
Date: Sat, 29 May 1999 15:05:21 EDT
hi i am tommy topolski and my girlfriend is in love w javy along w the entire female population...well anyways her birthday is coming up and i am in desperate measures to find her a lopez jersey...she has always wanted one ever since i have dated her and she always gets me what i want so i am really trying hard to find one u have any information where i can purchase one for a reasonable price or do u by any chance have one?...please write back..thanks for ur time and i hope u can help me:)
Unfortunatly.. I forgot to check my email for Hotmail for about 4 months and didn't get his email in time.. but I gave him an idea and an adress for next years birthday for a catalouge full of Javy!!

Subject: i want to join the mailing list
Date: Sat, 3 Jul 1999 16:00:39 EDT
Hey, Nice site.. definatly not the everyday baseball site! lol. I would love to be on the Javy true fans mailing list.. Thanks alot and keep up the good work
Denise :)
Thanks.. I've had emails from a sweet hon named Amy who is going to help me manage the mailing list since I have been away from it for about 4 months. lol. I'll email everyone who has asked to be on it.

you wanna see email the rest of the people, then email me!!