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Yes, yes, yes!! There are actually other Javy sites on the web. These were given to me or I found them, but check them out because they are all cool!

-Javy8Girls Place O' Obsession - pics given to me by her so check out her page
-The Javy Lopez Super Shrine -very cool page, lot's of good graphics and a great Javy Site
-The Javier Lopez Fan Page - cool page

Those are all the Javy Sites I have for now. If you have a Javy Site or any Braves Site and you would like me to put it up here. I'd be welcomed to put up your link. Just email me at and give me it and it will be up as soon as possible.

Braves   Sites

Well duh I have one but keep sending me ones of Chipper, Klesko, Andruw, etc...

-The Atlanta Braves Site - duh! their page!

Other   Braves   Players..

Here are some links of Braves Players I've recieved.

- The Chipper Experience - this was given to me and when I checked it out it was really's about Chipper duh!

"hey, bob, look! there are others that want to leave to another site."...."what the hell?"....." it says we're the person to say that. haha, looks like we're popular."