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You mean I actually have to give you a reason? Well if ya look at his body and his-
  "uh-oh bob, she's going into detail, we better stop her."

Ok, ok, you get the picture. No, I'm just kidding, There's more to hm then that(wink wink). He's a great baseball player with a great attitude. He and Chipper were both joined by Andres this season to become the only team members with over 100 marks. Javy has 106 for the regular season. He's also very friendly(hint) nah, just kidding. Anyways, as for Piazza's concerned, he's broken all of Piazza up. He's passed Piazza and will be a short time before people notice he's more then that and a bag of chips!
He's a family man, that's all I can say! He makes time for his family and Little Javy. He's also one of the few who makes time for his fans. Believe me, you should see my room. No I'm not obsessed, just a TrUe FaN!
It all started in Nov. 1994. I was at a friends house(she's the true Chipper and Andruw fan) and the Braves game was on. Braves vs. the Reds. Javy came up and -BOOM-it hit me. This guy is Fine I thought.I figured out who it was and eversince I've been the Javy Fan. I've been to alotta Braves games and I've seen alotta Javy too.

<--- Ok here's my funny story --->

Anyways, I went on July 28, 1997 to another Braves game. The Cubs vs. Braves in Atlanta. I settled for the foul ball seats and brought my Javy Sign with me. Of course Angela, the true Andruw and Chipper Fan, was with me and we went over to the railing to yell out their names. Well, I started yelling out Javy's name and he looked( I almost died) and he waved(woo baby), the bad thing is I got so caught up in the moment that I slipped and fell over the pole. Luckily like a dumbbutt, I caught myself and I felt so stupid doing that infront of Javy.
"bob, that was not funny." Well, it was and I felt stupid, so shut up!
"she's right fred, let's go."

"bob, do you need a reason to stay here? There already has been people here, so let's go."