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This   Is   A   Rehab   Damnit..

Hi, this is the Javy Rehab for all you poor and depressed Javy Fans. Are ya having trouble sleeping, can't get Javy out of your mind or just can't get En0uGh of him... then you've come to the right place for help. We have specials online all the time, waiting 24 hours a day. All ya have to do is dial:


Operators are standing by. Do you not want to pick up the phone and dial the toll-free number because you're a big BUMB! Then check out other people's problem's and how we solved them or add one of your own to the Javy Rehab Message Board, and let other people learn from you..

-The Javy Rehab Message Board-

Click on the Javy Rehab Message Board to find out other people's problems. Remember to leave an email so I can reply to help ya.

" i dont think thats enough!"

That's not enough? For the love of GOD, what more could ya want! Ok are ya desperate for mor help? Then email me at and tell me your problem.

Don't   worry..

Don't worry.. I'll be adding in more stuff to the Rehab as I get time. So just check in for ya appointment as needed.

Hey, guess what? You're the person to be medicated. What an overdose:c)