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-the   top   ten   list-s-

-T0P Ten reasons why the Atlanta Braves are the best-

10. it's called pitching, ever heard of it?
9. one word:-Cox-
8. 'cause we don't need no mascot running around the field to get us up, we got the tomahawk(that'll get ya off your ass)
7. when ya got people like Javy, Chipper, Andruw, and Ryan at the plate, ya gonna be distracted
6. 2 words(got ya): Javy Lopez
5. we don't need a homerun record to make us look big
4. another 2 words: Chipper Jones
3. this time they don't have to make a Braves Barbie or Catchin' Ken to get us on the HoT LiSt
2. just take a look at the fans :c)
1. ok, put it this way, if you were stuck on an island with a whole baseball team for 90 days..who would you pick?(my favorite)

-T0P TeN reasons you know you're at a Braves game-