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Hey, welcome to my Javy Site, join in at the Javy Rehab, sign the freakin guestbook, email me your comments and check everything out!

-ThE l0pEz LiNk-

Hey, and welcome to my Javy Lopez Site. My names Care, and unlike most favorite player sites I've dedicated this one to Javy in a different way. Most of the sites I've been to that have inspired me to make one, have alotta of the same text. There's his biography, stats, photos, links, and some articles on him. So I've decided to make my page different from the rest and not be serious! Whua ah ah ah<--evil laugh!


I'm also like.. do I say this..ah yes.. IMPROVING and UPDATING the site.. I haven't done anything to this site for about 4 months.. I'm gonna add alotta stuff.. I need help and ideas so send them too me.. :c)Ok..ok..all of you who have been here before, know that I want to expand my website into not only a Javy Site but a Braves site, contributed to all the players. Well, I'm working on how I'm gonna do it and I need more stuff. So if you have any ideas, links, photos, materials, or anything you'd like to contribute to help me make a Braves Site, it would help me alot! Thanks and email me at for quicker responses.

Anyways, check out all of my stuff, and tell me how ya liked my site by emailing me, so I can add your thoughts to my email list. Or sign my guestbook like a decent person and tell me! For the love of GOD, if you think my site needs inprovement and you have some ideas, email them to me, believe me, I need some! Thanks for checking my site out, take a number, have a laugh, sign the guestbook, and come back.

Remember this site is always

-l0pEz LiNk-
Do you think Javy is the greatest catcher alive and is fine?

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Right now you can sign my guestbook and tell me how ya liked or disliked my site. Thanks:c)

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Javy Lopez True Fan Mailing List

Hey! Are you a TrUe Javy Fan? I know you are but right now I'm doing alotta improving so you're gonna hafta bear with me. Alotta people have emailed me saying they'd like to help me with the list. Thanks!!! :c) I'll tell you when we have it up!

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Why the heck do I like Javy?

The Javy Rehab

are you mentally challenged over Javy, having trouble sleeping over Javy, or just can't get him out of your head.. then join others in Javy's Rehab to help yourself

Javy? Who's Javy?


I'd like to give a big shout out to my good friend Katie, for inspiring this page for me and for letting me use some of her pages. Check out her page in the link section.

~copyright1998~ You can get ahold of me at remember to give me ideas, questions, and your opinion on my site. Thanks

You and other people have visited my site. They must have been drunk :c)

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